President hits 400!

MORANBAH archer Damien Ormiston is a deadly shot with the bow, and can prove it after being awarded the highest achievement in archery.

After 25 years of shooting, he recently shot his first perfect score of 400 in his regular Sunday practice session.

"I was pretty excited; it was a perfect round," he said.

"I've had a few congratulations around the place; it's a bit of a milestone I suppose."

The perfect round involves 20 shots on a course of various shooting distances which archers "walk".

The achievement continues a family tradition as his father Kel, 60, shot the same accolade years earlier. His son Hayden, 8, is also taking up the sport.

Ormiston said he had previously come close to the perfect round numerous times, getting as many as 19 "perfect" shots off before missing.

His family has shot regularly for years and has a long involvement with archery in Moranbah, where the club started in 1981.

Although he has hunted animals before, Ormiston said that he prefers target shooting due to the skill involved.

"I guess I'm just trying to get the big scores all the time. I really like the big competition and being a part of the top group of shooters," he said.

Ormiston's sister, Kylie Brady, said the perfect score was an achievement.

"It's a big feat; it's not something that happens all that often," she said.

The win came just before a zone championship in Hervey Bay last weekend.

Ormiston has mixed it with the best, placing second in this year's Queensland championships in Rockhampton.

He has been the president of the Moranbah Bowhunters and Field Archers Club for 10 years.

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